Monday, August 9

Healthy Nutrition on a Budget

Recently I was hired to give a lecture on the topic of Healthy Nutrition on a Budget. This lecture was for a large, financially diverse audience, and the goal was to show people that anyone can make healthy, supportive food choices without spending a lot of money if they have the information and the movitation to do so. Best part is, it's easier than you think! Posted below by popular demand is a list of foods I passed out at the lecture, all of which were sourced and priced from two neighborhood food stores that are available throughout New York and many surrounding areas. For those who don't live in New York, there are Trader Joe's stores across the country, and Key Food is simply a standard chain grocery store, so you would be able to find these same Key Food items at your local chain grocery for similar prices. Enjoy! To make the lists easier to read, you can either zoom in on the image or print them out.

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