Wednesday, January 21

A Time for Change

As we enter into a new and exciting time for our nation, a time of hope and the promise of renewal, now is the perfect time to reflect on new beginnings; on the promise of hope and the possibility of change. How many times a day do you catch yourself thinking about something you want to change about your life...something you want to be, want to do, or not do, and how many times is that thought followed by "I can't" ? Why are we so quick to dismiss ourselves? Why do we remain stuck in the idea that we cannot possibly achieve what we want for ourselves, even while we see amazing and wonderful things happening around us in our world?

Very often, this is the case with issues pertaining to our health and wellness. Take, for example, the currently timely New Year's Resolutions that many people have committed to once again. Many of the more common ones are health and wellness related: "I will lose weight this year. I will get a gym membership, and use it. I will drink less alcohol. I will quit smoking. I will take up cooking and preparing my own food/ I won't eat out as much." We put these wishes out there, we set these goals for ourselves, and then we defeat ourselves every step of the way. Why are we so thrilled to see change and the triumph of hope over fear on the national scale but so afraid to exercise that same hope and will to change when it comes to the decisions that shape our very own bodies, spirits, and lives? More importantly, what would happen if we took charge and decided that Yes, We Can do something about our own state of health and wellness? You CAN lose weight, you CAN exercise, you CAN eat more conscientiously, you CAN commit to nurturing yourselves and the environment by choosing healthful, safe foods that do not harm your bodies and our planet, you CAN inform and educate yourselves on what foods and lifestyle practices are going to help you along on your journey to wellness and incorporate them into your lives, and you CAN seek out and implement the tools that are going to create this change in yourselves. All of these decisions are your own to make, no one else's. And there is nothing standing in your way of making them except for fear and self-doubt. What if you told yourself today that you can do these things for yourself, if you empowered yourself to go forth and claim what you want and deserve with no excuses or reservations?

Imagine the power of telling yourself, and really believing, that You Can. Imagine the doors that would open up to you. Imagine that nothing could hold you back. Because, in truth, nothing can but yourself.

Greet the new era and the New Year with motivation, intention, and a promise that you will go out and create the life that you want for yourself!

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