Tuesday, February 24

Seminar: The Healing Power of Vegetables!

I will be giving a talk on the Healing Power of Vegetables on Tuesday, March 10th, from 7:00-8:30 pm at OMALA on Atlantic Avenue in Downtown Brooklyn. OMALA is a yoga store and center specializing in eco-friendly yoga wear and also offering classes and workshops centered around health and well being. For directions and subways, visit http://www.omalausa.com/whlo.html . Please see the announcement below, and make sure to contact OMALA to RSVP for this event! It is going to be fun and very informative, and I hope to see you there!

"The Healing Power of Vegetables"
with Erica Duryea
400 Atlantic Avenue (at Bond St)
Tuesday March 10th, 7:00 – 8:30 pm

Come down to OMALA Tuesday evening, March 10th, for an enlightening evening with Certified Nutrition Counselor Erica Duryea that will guarantee you’ll never see vegetables the same way again! With Spring approaching, it is the body’s natural time to cleanse, detoxify, and renew. What better way to do that than with vegetables, the nutrition powerhouses of our planet?

Erica will be discussing different kinds of vegetables and what each offers to us in terms of cleansing, nurturing, and stabilizing our systems. You will learn how the different vegetables correspond to the different functions in your body and how each can be used to benefit and balance your health, along with a show and tell to help you become more familiar with the lesser-known healing helpers.

Most Americans don’t get nearly enough vegetables in their diets, and it takes more than just salads! Don’t deprive yourself any longer. Come down and join us for an evening of fun, facts, questions and answers, and take home some expertise that will surely put the Spring in your step!

Cost: $10 per person
Please contact OMALA at 718-694-9642 to RSVP

Interested in finding out more about what foods are right for your own body and why? Looking for personalized information and support to help you change your eating and lifestyle choices in order to achieve your own specific goals for health and wellness? Contact me to set up a consultation: erica@wellnessrealized.com

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