Tuesday, December 1

Surviving the Holidays

Greetings Everyone!

With Thanksgiving now behind us and Christmas looming ahead, take a moment to check in with how you are treating your body this year. You've all seen the articles, recipes, tips and to-do lists that are aimed at helping you to stay healthier and avoid temptation during the holidays, but the first step is to just become aware of how you are living in your body. Do you feel that you are inside your body at all? Are you noticing it's patterns and rhythms, what makes it feel good and what makes it feel bad, and what makes it feel really awful? Are you paying attention to the emotional effects of neglecting your body and it's needs?

When I was at home for Thanksgiving vacation, my father said something in jest that struck a chord in me. In reference to all of the typical holiday overindulging, he said "Our poor tummies. We put them through so much." He was joking, but there is a profound truth in what he said: our bodies are working around the clock to keep us moving, breathing, digesting, processing, and living. Our digestive system plays a huge role in that, because food is the fuel for all of our bodily needs, and the digestive system is responsible for taking that food and converting it into energy, as well as satisfaction and a sense of comfort. Yet often, especially at this time of year, we treat eating as a sensory free-for-all and throw any concern about what we are feeding our bodies out the window. Our "tummies" are left to contend with more sugar, fat, processed/refined foods, and way more calories than they can process healthfully. The result is sluggishness, weight gain, decreased energy, heightened stress, and seemingly inevitable feelings of despair and failure.

However, we can decide to make a change. There are many things we can do in our day to day lives to create a healthier holiday time for ourselves, and I will be posting about them in the coming weeks. But for the time being, make that most important step: Slow down and take a moment to check in with yourself, and with your body. Appreciate it for all that it does for you to keep you going in your life, and be aware of how your choices affect it's processes- not only physically, but emotionally. Actually BE in your body. It sounds obvious, but it isn't- most people are going throughout their day living completely up in their heads. Instead, get to know what it feels like to be inside your body by moving your awareness there, and see how it feels- simply take a moment, and practice sending your awareness there- once you become used to it, it will come much more easily. When we are in our bodies, we can be aware of our emotional and physical states and what we need to do to satisfy our needs, rather than constantly being distracted by the noise and chatter in our heads that promotes the quick fix and the sensory indulgence. This is the first and most crucial step to making health and food choices that will support you physically and emotionally, and fulfill your body's needs. The more in your body you are, the easier it becomes to intuitively make choices that will sustain and support you, not deplete and defeat you.

So, notice where last week's indulgences have perhaps caused some negative side effects, either physically or emotionally; or, conversely, notice how that run outside or meditation session or yoga class or new healthy vegetable recipe or restraint around the pie over the holiday helped you to feel more balanced, centered, healthy, and just plain good in your body. At this time of year above all, we must remember that everything we do it a choice, and we have no one but ourselves to hold responsible for the outcome of those choices. Let that idea empower rather than intimidate you: your health, fitness, weight, and well being; it is all in your hands, even at this challenging time of year. And the first step is awareness.

Check back in often over the next few weeks for tips and tidbits to help you soldier through the holiday season healthfully and happily!

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