Tuesday, September 14

Wellness Realized takes the Podium

Today, I will be delivering a lecture presentation at the Federal Reserve in Manhattan on the topic "Healthy Shopping, Cooking, and Eating: Navigating Today's Food Marketplace". Giving talks and presentations to groups has become an increasing part of my practice as a health professional, and it is an opportunity I greatly value and enjoy because it provides me with the platform to communicate important and helpful information about food, health, and wellness to a large group of people at one time, while also cutting down on the cost for each of those people to receive and benefit from that information. Generally I am hired by a company or organization to speak to their staff or members, in which case the attendees are receiving the information without cost to themselves, usually during a lunch hour or a break in the day. Other times, the presentation will be hosted as a special event at a time convenient to attendees. In this vein, as well as talks, I am also hired to participate in health and wellness events where I am available on site in person for a period of time to answer any questions for staff and/or members.

These are services that companies and organizations are increasingly interested in, for reasons ranging from concern over the health and well being of their employees and members, to a desire to increase productivity in the workplace, to an effort to reduce health insurance costs. If you would be interested in having me to come to your workplace or organization to give a talk or participate in a health and wellness event, please contact me for more information and/or pass my information on to the appropriate person in your community. I am also available to speak or present at private group gatherings or symposiums in a range of settings; homes, churches, schools, etc.

I have given presentations at the following companies and organizations:

The Federal Reserve
The Social Sciene Research Council
Harris, Rothenberg International (currently employed as freelance lecturer)
The Brooklyn Tabernacle
The New York City Family Court
Omala Yoga
The Providence Day Spa

The following are options for presentation topics:

What to Eat and Why: The Basic Fundamentals of Holistic Nutrition
Healthy Shopping, Cooking, and Eating: Navigating Today's Food Marketplace
Stress and Your Eating: Healthy Habits for Eating in the Workplace
The Healing Power of Vegetables: Nature's Nutrient Powerhouses
Going With The Grain: Incorporating Whole Grains into Your Life
Vegetarian Cooking 101: How to Benefit from a Plant-Based Diet
The Scale of Truth: Separating Fact from Fiction in Weight Loss
Healthy Nutrition on a Budget: Eating Well and Saving Big

I am also open to tailoring a talk around a topic specified by the hosting group.

Prevention of illness and day to day maintenance of well being are the future of health and wellness; what we put into our bodies and the environments we live in come together to create the reality of what is going on inside our bodies. As we become aware of the fact that making powerful changes to our wellness is within our grasp and can be executed simply and naturally, we are on our way to a healthier, fitter, more balanced population with less disease, obesity and stress. I am here to inform, support, and help to create that change. Contact me if you are interested in benefiting either on your own through one on one counseling or in a group through a company/organization event, private group gathering, or other hosted wellness event.

Interested in finding out more about what foods are right for your own body and why? Looking for personalized information and support to help you change your eating and lifestyle choices in order to achieve your own specific goals for health and wellness? Contact me to set up a consultation: erica@wellnessrealized.com

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